Mold Testing and Inspections, Charlotte, North Carolina

CDA Environmental is an environmental consult company providing a variety of services to residential and commercial clients in the Charlotte Metro Region. Our services include but are not limited to; Mold Inspection & Testing, Home Energy Audits, Lead Based Paint Testing and Inspections and Risk Assessment, Asbestos Testing, Indoor Air Quality TestingRadon Testing, Thermal Imagining InspectionsWater Well Testing, & Wetland Delineation.

CDA Environmental provides clients with environmental services to identify potential indoor air quality issues and recommendations to address the identified and potential problems. CDA uses applicable regulations, industry standards, and the best available technology to provide clients with assessments associated with current issues, future challenges, and any potential liability issues. We give personalized attention to every project, big or small.

Our mission is to provide clients with cost effective environmental services utilizing our experience, knowledge, applicable rules & regulations, industry standards to diagnose any potential issues in your residential or commercial structures. Contact our team today to schedule your environmental consulting service! 

Why Choose CDA Environmental? 

CDA is an active member of the Indoor Air Quality Association  (IAQA) and National Environmental Health Association (NEHA). CDA utilitzes state-of-the-art equipment to collect IAQ measurements and perform sampling. In addition, CDA sends mold, lead-based paint, asbestos, and radon samples to accredited laboratories for analysis by applicable methods. After the onsite IAQ assessment, asbestos survey, lead-based paint inspection/risk assessment, mold inspection, or radon testing has been completed, CDA prepares a comprehensive report detailing the findings to include analytical results, testing location, site drawings, corresponding photographs, and mitigation or abatement options.

Our trusted personnel at CDA Environmental provide services to assess potential health hazards in your residential or commercial property. We work to provide solutions to environmental problems that do not create further problems in the future. For instance, mold testing and remediation services recommended by CDA that include removal of material that could contain asbestos or any lead based paint would not be made without prior testing of materials to ensure they are free from mentioned potential contaminates. As a third party consultant, CDA does not perform any abatement or remediation services. CDA does not provide a conflict of interest when performing any inspection or assessment services. For further questions, please feel free to contact us! 
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