About CDA Environmental 

At CDA Environmental, LLC, we have over 18 years of experience in providing environmental services to the Charlotte, NC area.

At CDA Environmental, our mission is simple. We want to provide our clients with clean, fresh air to breathe in their homes and office buildings. We provide our clients with comprehensive environmental consulting services to help them resolve their quality of indoor air. All of our testing services are performed by qualified professionals who can diagnose and resolve any air discrepancies. Contact our team today to breathe clean, fresh air tomorrow.

We specialize in assisting clients with projects that have issues in association with Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (ESA), indoor air quality testing, wetland delineation, asbestos testing, and much more. Our facility will conduct consulting services for projects ranging from high rise structures to single-family homes. The CDA staff prides themselves handling every project with an outstanding, professional approach and quality service. 
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