Commercial & Home Energy Audits

Our team can perform residential and commercial energy audits that can provide the diagnostic testing to help identify your energy consumption. CDA utilizes the most up to date expertise and techniques to identify areas where residential and commercial structures are losing excess amounts of energy. Once the areas of energy loss are identified, CDA provides the client with a retro-fitting option and activity changes that can decrease energy consumption.

Energy 101: Home Energy Assessment

A home energy checkup helps owners determine where their house is losing energy and money - and how such problems can be corrected to make the home more energy efficient. A professional technician - often called an energy auditor - can give your home a checkup. You can also do some of the steps yourself. Items shown here include checking for leaks, examining insulation, inspecting the furnace and ductwork, perform ductblaster test to determine duct leakage, perfoming a blower door to determine building envelope leakage, and using an infrared camera to identify leaks and missing insulation. 

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