Devin did a great job. Very professional and we got our report within the time frame that he quoted
Devin did an excellent job. He did not stop until the job was done. I was pleased with his work and would refer him to anyone needing his service
— Charlie
Efficient and professional
Devin was very professional and polite. Most important to me is he was very honest and up front.
Great service. Very responsive, knowledgeable and helpful. Would definitely recommend CDA Environmental to anyone with Asbestos concerns.
Everything was explained to my understanding.
— Cherry
Called in a reasonable timeline, came out and tested all within a week of calling. Very professional.
Very quick turnaround and very professional!
— Andria
Upon contact with Mr. Arnett, I learned that he was not local to my area. He was straightforward by telling me that his service would be too costly for what I needed, provided he worked out of another city. He referred me to the NC Health Hazard Control unit where I could find a qualified professional in my area.
When CDA Environmental called me to discuss the project, he was very friendly & helpful. He explained exactly what the test for asbestos would include, the time frame for the test, the cost, & shared general information about asbestos that helped me understand why it was so important for me to proceed with having my ceiling tiles tested. I felt like I received great customer service from CDA Environmental!
—Tara Asbestos Testing Service
CDA Environmental LLC, and asbestos inspector Mr. C. Devin Arnett, were professional, timely, knowledgeable, interested in addressing my concerns, fair in price (and even charged a little less than originally estimated!), and I couldn’t recommend Mr. Arnett more highly: he is a model inspector and my wife and I feel that much more at ease with our new fixer-upper since he conducted his inspections. If you have even the slightest notion that there may be materials in your house that could pose serious health risks to you or your family, hire Mr. Arnett: it is important that you know what components make up you home!
—Les H. Asbestos Testing  Service
They did a great job for me. I have used them for a couple of projects. I have recommended them to other people
— Jude C.  Asbestos Testing Service 
I sent a request to them through their website and received a call from Devin first thing the next morning. He was very helpful over the phone and spent a long time talking to me about possible solutions to fix the issues in my house. Thank you!
David, Google Review 
THE BEST EXPERIENCE EVER! Devin is a great guy who is passionate about helping his customers and is extremely knowledgeable. I was on a very short timeline, Devin squeezed my job in and expedited the testing so that my job could stay on track. He followed up with me once he received the results and walked me through all of my options. He spent as much time as I needed on the phone to answer all of my questions. He had my best interest in mind throughout the entire process. I CAN'T RECOMMEND HIM ENOUGH!!!!
Matt, Google Review 
They were amazing!!! It's not everyday that you find someone as honest and knowledgeable about their profession as he is. I am faced with a horrible mold problem that has ruined my basement. This is a brand new construction and WAS ready to move in. One of the workers caused a leak and because its very, very hard to get someone to care about your home as much as you do it has taken 1 month to get to this portion of correcting the problem. Not only did Brandon meet me in less than 24 hours at my new home. He sat after his inspection and air quality test to explain everything. Mold is serious for everyone but comes with a different level of danger with my family. My grandson has asthma and has a severe reaction to mold.This amount of mold would easily put him in the hospital. Brandon explained the different things I could do moving forward to keep my grandson safe. None of them are difficult or expensive but all are very effective in quarantining that this will never be a problem again. I just needed someone that knew what they were talking about and care enough to share this knowledge . Brandon went above and beyond in helping me and I couldn't be more grateful !!!
Kimberly, Google Review 
CDA Environmental was phenomenal. They were responsive, professional and detailed. Would absolutely recommend this company to anyone. Brandon Queen was so helpful throughout the process and provided so much expertise.
Faye, Google Review 
Devin responded quickly to my request and was very knowledgeable about my asbestos situation. He helped me through the entire process and was very honest and transparent with his advice.
Melanie, Google Review